Catalyzing participation in IC-OS Version Election for the internet computer

Welcome to the CodeGov website.  We use a community on OpenChat to review and discuss all IC-OS Version Election proposals and System Canister Management proposals that are submitted to the NNS for the internet computer protocol.  Everyone is welcome to join the portal to view the content, but only reviewers and advisors are allowed to vote and comment.  If you want to be a reviewer, then please feel free to apply here.  There are two main objectives for this project regarding proposal is to build the replica and verify the hash and the other is to perform a sanity check on the Release Notes described in the proposal summary.  We want to encourage developers to spend just a few hours each week performing these important high level reviews and vote on them independently.

"...the vast majority of neuron holders (99+%) choose to follow the DFINITY foundation on the "Subnet Management" topic.  This is not desirable, because voting should be as decentralized as possible."

"To make it simpler for neurons to vote manually on certain topics, we propose to split the "Subnet management" topic into multiple topics. More precisely, we propose to add two new topics: Replica Version Management... (and) Subnet Replica Version Management..."

"...with these changes we could imagine that some neurons will decide to manually vote on "Replica Version Management". Other neurons can now follow different experts on different topics, further decentralizing the vote."

--Proposal 80639, Motion to Enhance Replica Version Management, executed Sept 18, 2022 (49.7% YES to 0.006% NO), proposer: neuron 48 (DFINITY Foundation)