Voting on Replica Version Management proposals is arguably the most important opportunity at this time that can advance the decentralization of the internet computer protocol (ICP).  After all, the reason the network nervous system (NNS) exists is to enable decentralized decisions on what code changes are allowed to be implemented.  ICP is still a very young blockchain and it makes sense that the founding organization, DFINITY Foundation, would have the majority of the development skill and voting power to implement changes.  They accel at ensuring complete, reliable, well tested, and secure changes are proposed.  However, if the goal is decentralization, then people and organizations that have a stake in ICP need to start getting more involved at the protocol level.  A good place to start is performing the IC-OS Verification as well as sanity checks on the Release Notes of proposals submitted by DFINITY every week and then voting on the proposals independently.  

The CodeGov project will advocate for and incentivize a community of developers to actively engage in reviewing Replica Version Management proposalsAt a minimum, we perform IC-OS Verification as well as a sanity check on the Release Notes for every proposal that is submitted to the NNS as a Replica Version Management proposal topic.  We hope to set a positive and credible example for how other people and organizations in the IC ecosystem can get involved in the decentralization of the internet computer at the protocol level.