Note: The bounties for reviews are posted in a pinned post on the CodeGov portal on DSCVR.  Please verify that you understand the terms and conditions of the bounty before you spend time on the review.  The bounty may change from time to time to help incentivize participation.

Review Goals

Review Requirements

Quality Control


Incentives for participating in these proposal reviews will be provided in the form of ckBTC tipping in the CodeGov portal in DSCVR.  The amount of ckBTC will be determined each week based on what seems to be required to encourage participation.  There will be a fixed bounty for every IC-OS Verification review plus a fixed hourly rate for people who perform reviews of Release Notes.  Anyone who performs a review of the release notes is asked to submit their work hours at the end of their review.  If no hours are submitted, then no bounty will be paid for review of the Release Notes.  The bounty that is offered can grow or shrink based on number of participating reviewers and available funding each week and will be announced in a pinned post in the CodeGov portal.

A bonus may also be offered for anyone who discovers anomalies in the proposal details and code.  This includes features not documented in the change description, issues/bugs/edge cases that weren't considered by DFINITY, a comment or suggestion for a change that is accepted by DFINITY, or identifying something about the proposal that causes a stir in the community of developers.  The amount of the bonus will be determined by the Manager in consultation with select reviewers.