This page contain a list of prerequisites for building the ic replica as well as links to helpful information about how to install the apps.  You can build the ic replica on Mac, Linux, or WSL2 (Windows)

Minimum PC specifications

Prerequisites for all environments

CodeGov script

The script below enables easier validation that your proof of IC-OS Verification is unique to your DSCVR username and the proposal.  The output of this script should be included in the same screen capture as your sha256 hash comparison in order to get credit for your review.  Below are instructions for how you can create the script on your computer.

IC-OS Verification

The script below is usually included in each Bless Replica Version proposal, but it is included here for convenience.  This version includes the required CodeGov script.  Make sure to substitute relevant information for <Replica_Version> and <DSCVR_Username> before you run the script in your command line terminal.  Also, the script sometimes changes between what you see here and what may be present in the proposal, so pay attention to the details.  For example, if the update-img.tar.gz file is not found in the artifacts folder, then check to see if the file path is correct.

# From

# This process requires Mac/Linux/WSL2, Git and Podman on your machine.

git clone

cd ic

git fetch origin

git checkout <Replica_Version>

if ./gitlab-ci/container/ -i ; then

    curl -LO<Replica_Version>/guest-os/update-img/update-img.tar.gz

    shasum -a 256 artifacts/icos/update-img.tar.gz update-img.tar.gz


    echo "IC-OS build failed. Verification unsuccessful." >&2


bash ~/codegov/ <DSCVR_Username> <Replica_Version>

Training Videos

An example of running the IC-OS Verification...

Review Example

Below is an example of a review that was submitted on the CodeGov portal of DSCVR.  It was submitted as a comment in a poll for the respective Replica Version Management proposal.  It includes the output of the IC-OS Verification script, CodeGov script, and review of the Release Notes.   

Item 2 is the reviewer's summary including the review (sanity check) of the Release Notes and other comments they had regarding the proposal and how they voted.  This section is very important and the goal is for Reviewers go into more detail on the Release Notes over time because it should help improve the overall quality of these reviews.  Items 3 - 7 are part of the IC-OS verification, which is what is expected as a minimum level of review.  Item 8 is proof that the reviewer voted on the proposal.  Item 9 is the Upvotes the Reviewer received from the Advisors and Item 10 shows the amount of ckBTC they received as a tip for their review.  

Please submit reviews as a single comment.  Edit the existing comment if any details need to change or be added...this is preferred over creating another comment.  Make sure all the information outlined below is included in the review and that the image it is clearly legible.  Small details are not easy to read in images posted on DSCVR, so please pay attention to readability.   It is ok to post more than one image to capture all the required details.