The people listed below are active reviewers for the CodeGov project.  The neuron IDs marked with an asterisk (*) are currently configured as Followees for the neuron on the Replica Version Management proposal topic because they vote independently based on their findings from their technical reviews.  This can be verified by checking the dashboard for the latest Neuron Management proposal topic for the CodeGov neuron (2649066124191664356) in which the Followees were set for proposal topic 13.  At this time, that is proposal 127767.  For all other topics (proposal 125004) including Governance (proposal 125005) as well as SNS & Community Fund (proposal 125006), the CodeGov neuron is configured to follow the (NEW) neuron.  Hence, the neuron votes on all proposals, but with a specialization on the Replica Version Management proposal topic.

Massimo Albarello

* Neuron ID: 2692859404205778191


Master at ETH Zurich with a focus on distributed systems. Working on WebSockets for the Internet Computer:  Major contributor to Fast Internet Computer improved version of the IC Consensus algorithm reducing the latency of block finalization by approximately 30%.  Familiar with the IC codebase (consensus layer in particular).

Luca Bertelli

* Neuron ID: 14998600334911702241


Working on WebSockets for the Internet Computer:  


* Neuron ID: 16405079610149095765


Active in the ICP community and on the developer forum.


* Neuron ID: 13005248402739964564


An Open Source Developer at EdjCase, focusing on experimental Web3 technologies like open web3 services. All EdjCase code available at

- ICP.NET: ICP C# agent library
- Motoko Libraries
- DAOball: In development online collaborative experience:

Hamish Peebles

* Neuron ID: 6542438359604605534


Co-founder of OpenChat


* Neuron ID: 739503821726316206


Active in the ICP community and developer forum.

John Wiegley

* Neuron ID: 12680063169967985656


John is an active participant in many open source communities.  He worked at DFINITY for four years as a researcher and engineer there, and remains an active participant in the IC community and its governance. He is a founding member of Daoistry, which aims to be a premier DAO registry on the Internet Computer. At present he serves as the CTO for another blockchain company, Kadena (KDA), where he continues to explore further applications of blockchain technology. His primary interests include formal verification, software modeling, and information security. 


* Neuron ID: 12979846186887799326


Active in the ICP community and on the developer forum.


* Neuron ID: 118900764328536345


Computer Science undergrad, hobbyist game dev and 8 Year Gang member, I've been a crypto enthusiast since 2016 and became actively involved with the Internet Computer shortly after Genesis. The vision, tech and team behind it made me fell in love with the project, since then I invested a lot of time (and money) on it, initially learning more about its inner workings then interacting with the community and as of recently starting an IC association in my university, it is my belief the Internet Computer is a diamond in the rough and I want to do my best to make it shine. 

Wenzel Bartlett

Neuron ID: 8269903528373981952


Founder for The CodeGov Project.  Manager for the neuron and voting member for the neuron.  Chemist by education; Analyzer Engineer by career.  


Neuron ID: 9427241666945408888


Developer for Bachao, social recovery of internet identity.

Nathan Mc Grath

Neuron ID: 15663488909840384846


Software engineer at Dfinity.  Decentralization enthusiast.