Join our CodeGov portal on DSCVR.one to see our reviews, voting, and deliberation.  Everyone can join the portal to view content.  Only Reviewers can comment and vote in polls.  Additional details on role permissions can be found below.  Please apply here if you would like the Reviewer role.

Below are a few tips for how to configure your DSCVR profile to maximize efficientciy for participation in the CodeGov portal.

Customize portals on the left sidebar

Set Default Sorting to New

This will ensure that every time you enter the CodeGov portal you see the latest proposal on top (after the pinned messages).  Hot and Top sorting are less useful in the CodeGov portal since we should always be focused on reviewing current proposals.

Of course, if you prefer your default sorting to be Hot or Top instead of New, you can always change to New every time your enter the portal.  The sort option is pretty conveniently located at the top.

However, the default sorting is always used when you click on any specific post thread.  It is not as easy to find or remember the dropdown that enables you to change the sort order within the post thread.  Hence, it does help to set default sorting to New if your primary use of DSCVR is the CodeGov portal.